our grooviofans 

our grooviofans

we love our grooviofans!

Here are just a few comments we’ve received from our adoring fans:

-I gave your granola as Christmas gifts and every single person told me they loved it so much, they can no longer return to their old granola! It's really the best! – Joanne D., Montréal, QC

-Your granola is amazing!! Nothing compares to it! We love it!!
- Karen B. - Laval, QC

-So I picked this up at the Montreal Central Train station yesterday. OMG! This is one of those situations where the marketing spiel on the package is 100% correct (and how often does that happen?). It most certainly did cause "a state of euphoria and extreme enjoyment." Bravo Grooviola!!!! - C. M. - Québec, QC

-If you haven’t tasted this delectable mixture, you must!!! Countless of us have become addicted to Grooviola’s yummy, crunchy and otherworldly goodness…and I didn’t even like granola! - Marie M., Montréal, QC

-In my hood, you eat grooviola indoors, with the blinds drawn… avoids exciting the wildlife (approved by: raccoons, squirrels, birds, and … me) - Gio P., Montréal, QC

-J'ai eu un sac de tes succulentes granola, merci! Je ne blague pas quand je dis que ce sont les meilleurs que j'ai mangé de ma vie! –Valérie J., Montréal, QC

J'adore votre granola. Félicitations, c'est vraiment délicieux et on ne peut plus sans passer.–Lise D., Montréal, QC

Some of the tastiest granola I’ve ever had in my mouth! – Marc B., Montréal, QC

This granola is a dream. So delicious! – Kristina M., Montréal, QC

I had the granola this morning…IT’S OUT OF THIS WORLD!!! OMG!!! I had a foodgasm! – Sarah P., Montréal, QC

I can’t tell you how many compliments the granola has received! I need 20 more bags! – Manuelita C., Toronto, ON

The granola is simply delicious. Love it. !!!! – Karina F., Montréal, QC

This was the most amazing granola that I’ve had and it was for a good cause! – Laura C., Montréal, QC

It really is the best granola on the planet! – Bonnie A., Montréal, QC

Commande recue!!! Le granola est MALADE!!! Il est complètement débile!!!! Wow, super bon! – Geneviève F., Montréal, QC

Granola is delish!!! – Flavia I., Ottawa, Ontario, ON

It’s like crack. – George K., Laval, QC

Everyone is going “nuts” for your granola! – Graziella M., Montréal, QC

I got my bags and suggest it to everyone. It is great! – Maria N., Montréal, QC

Please know that this is really the best granola you will ever taste. – Debbie B., Brossard, QC

-I opened my first bag thinking I would have a little bit…ended up having half the bag…and the next morning, the rest of it! – Gen F., Montréal

-Awesomeness in a bag. I want more! - Sonia A., Montréal, QC

-This granola is really fantastic. For yourself. For your family. For friends. For workmates. For gifts.Try it now! - Greg D., Montréal, QC 

-Délicieux ton granola.... vraiment j'adore. Ce petit goût de noix de coco. Ummmmm. En plus, c'est tellement naturel, très très bon! - Jessica A., Montréal, QC

-Love the peanut butter!It's definitely my favourite! - Patty T., Montréal, QC

- I have to say we tried the original granola from Grooviola and Its SOOOoOoOoO good!! Cant wait to try the other ones. Thank u for this amazing product! :)) - Angie D., Montréal, QC

-I love grooviola granola on my coconut Greek yogurt.. It's my favorite!! - Ashlei D., Hawaii, USA

-The most grooviolicious granola ever!!! I'm officially an addict for the first time in my life! - Rita Y., Montréal, QC

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